The same determination that made us switch from slaughtering to meat processing can be found in the premium quality of our products. We may have changed business, but we didn’t change our values. We produce pure, high quality, value added convenience.

Since our first innovative deli product, many others followed.

By now, a complete range of deli products, breaded poultry products and meal components are available. Some of them are rewarded for their premium quality, others are unique in their kind.


AT VOLYS, WE ARE Dedicated to Premium Quality

Dedicated to premium quality, at all stages : from growing the birds to carefully producing and packing the product. State of the Art equipment, modern management systems … full integration from ‘Table to Stable’.

Dedicated to our consumer needs, in many markets, world wide. Every market, every customer has its different needs and requirements. We adjust to them, as long as we can add value.

Dedicated to poultry, this we know best : from growing, slaughtering and product development. Adding value at all levels, building sustainable supply chains world wide.