Commitment to animal welfare

Care and respect for animal welfare are at the center of our own sustainable turkey breeding program. Unique in its kind in the Benelux. Our turkeys are humanely raised, without antibiotics nor growth stimulators.

A selected group of local breeders raise and bred turkeys exclusively for Volys Star. Dedication at the heart of our business.

It already starts with the careful selection of the eggs which are hatched during 28 days.

We selected a slow growing breed of turkeys, which we believe is a guarantee for a better meat quality.

We feed our turkeys with only vegetal and all natural feed from sustainable sources. The feed crops are selected and controlled through Trustfeed and Quartes, one of our sister companies. It stays all in the family.

Our focus on the welfare of our turkeys is the most important pillar of our breeding program. A lot of measures are taken to improve the breeding conditions and stable environment.

  • We have lowered the number of turkeys per stable, so they have more space to move and to  browse around.
  • We enriched the stable surrounding with various elements that trigger the attention of the turkeys who are by nature curious, this encourages them to conduct natural behavior while a varied environment stimulates their explorative character.
  • Grit is also provided, so the turkeys can scratch. Grit favors also a better digestion.
  • New build stables are equipped with a porch gallery, so the turkeys can discover the accommodation.

Numerous efforts which result in healthier and lively animals, with a good meat quality.

Dedication at the heart.