Halal dedication

As Halal is crucial for Muslim consumers, Volys took its responsibility in sharing its Halal knowledge.

Volys Star is an active member of the International Halal Integrity Alliance, and participated in drafting two IHI Halal standards (Food Service, Slaughtering).

Volys Star is also involved in the European Halal Standard initiative by CEN, the European Standardisation Institute.

We have also been asked to express our views on Halal in various international Halal conferences organized by :

  • The World Global Forum (Kuala Lumpur, 2011)
  • The World Halal Forum Europe (London, 2010)
  • Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America IFANCA (Chicago, 2010)
  • The World Islamic Economic Forum (Astana, 2010)
  • Halal Food Council of Europe (Brussel, 2012)